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Friday, June 13, 2008

IOE, T.U. Affiliation and the EXAM SYSTEM

Does I.O.E - Institute of Engineering refers to only those Government Engineering Colleges? What with those Affiliated To T.U Colleges? What is there positions in the field of engineering in Nepal.

1- Pulchowk Campus
2- Thapathali Campus
3- WRC Pokhara
4- ERC Dharan

is IOE for these colleges only?

Doesn't IOE include ?
1- Kantipur Engineering College
2- Advance College of Engineering and Management, Kupondol
3- Kathmandu Engineering College, kalimati
4- Himalaya College of Engineering
5- National College of Engineering
6- Janakpur Engineering College
7- Kathford Engg.

Then what the hell with the exam papers? Why only those T.U. government colleges making question papers, and from within the courses taught in those colleges, no matter whether question is from syllabus or not! Damn if Pulchowk didn't read some chapters, yea for sure exam won't ask them - though private college study them all, hell with these questions.... creating extra burden to the students out of Pulchowk! The importance of chapter is limited to whether it's been taught or not in Pulchowk! What a fine Engineering Trend!

Yea for sure a Engineer With all those +70% would sure enough help his country do well in technologies but a Pulchowk engineer securing 80% and private Engineer securing hardly 60% in aggregate, something suspicious here. Are the Pulchowk guys genius enough to manage those GPAs or they are being favoured by the EXAM SYSTEM OF TU? Ask questions from those chapters and tutorials that have been taught and photocopied in pulchowk campus! Hell with this system - a private engineer should always be in those Pulchowk areas where for the sake of hell he wouldn't have been at all if the trend was different. If was OPEN!

Another point to note regarding this, exam center is always Pulchowk Campus! Why not in other Private Colleges of T.U. A first semester Engineer always fears, someone even sweat to entrance the center! Not for Pulchowk is great, but with the fear that the Guards at Pulchowk hardly allow student to settle their backs if they suffering some pains!

The T.U Institute of Engineering should take quick concern regarding these. If the 50 around students passing Engineering from Pulchowk are sufficient to the country then cancel those all private Affiliations, but do not play with future of those Engineers who hadn't in there fate the guessing capacity to encircle the correct option!

We have passed engineering, but we want our future engineers to be morally strong when they pass-out. The knowledge is not sufficient - if this nun-healthy trend of Pulchowk campus dominating all these T.U I.O.E Colleges remained unchanged! We faced the entrance exam too! Encircled most of the choices and got selected to Pulchowk! Though our brothers didn't do well in guessing doesn't mean they should hamper their life with the feeling of humiliation!

The Engineering in Nepal would be qualitative if and only if the EXAM SYSTEM is changed, regarding these aspects:
1. Question Setting (not only Pulchowk campus)
2. Exam Center (not only at pulchowk campus)
3. Paper Checking (not only from teachers of pulchowk campus)

Needless to say, the I.O.E not giving an eye to these aspects. A long research titled "True State of Engineering in Nepal " is needed, to truely manage these issues. And this blog would welcome any of those positive efforts!


Pal said...

i agree with this artice.... i don't know what to say exactly at the moment but as being a student of the T.U. IOE and from private college, i could clearly state that I.O.E is lacking the coordinations among the T.U. affiliated colleges in Nepal. if pulchowk is the only college they required then i must say - ban our college.

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